Happy Click & Collect at Christmas

Happy Click & Collect at Christmas

Click & Collect at Christmas. It is vital to check store operation level

Click & Collect accounts for over 30% of total online sales and with a  positive growth trend. It is an excellent occasion to fine tuning store operations processes due to its nature of convergent point for customer experience, regardless the different channels that have been used.  The reward will be a satisfied client as she will make sure of something essential such as the availability of the product in her right size and in a more personalised way.

Clik & Collect service is the convergent point where the different channels used by customers merge and it will mean a perfect set to check the real store operation level of the Company. At Christmas time, customer service is always at a critical point.

Ranking Click & Collect

MHE has analised (October 2016) detailed 25 items for the Click & Collect process over 20 + clothing chains in Spain. You can see below an specific C&C score for each chain.


Operational best practice level, on its own,  will not warranty the commercial success of the retail business

Excellence in store operations, on its own, is not enough to achieve a commercial success for yuor business. We will never be able to compensate the lack of clarity  for the brand strategy or merchandise positioning only with the best existing operational level. It is not enough.

Over a third of total online sales are Click  & Collect and it shows an steady positive upwards trend. 

Half of the chains (Non Food) are currently oferring this servicie in Spain though a third of then do not communicate the service in the physical store yet. 

Most of the operators offer this service free of charge in Spain. In other more omnichannel mature countries (UK) , an small charge applies.

Detailed Analysisclick-and-collect-items
It does avoid the possibility of a major customer frustation: not to find what I want in my size 

The main advantage for the customers relies on the certitude of finding hat she is looking for in her right size /colour. This means to be able to avoid a frustrated shopping mission with a ver high positive qualitative  impact on Consumer mind.

Operational challenge to have an unified stock control regardless of the channels involved across the Company

Visibility and certitude of an unified stock level at detailed SKU across the different channels existing in the Company is , by far, the main barrier to implement  this service in a optimal way. When we provide online detailed stock availability at store level, we are facilitating our customer shopping mission and we will be rewarded with a high satisfaction client level.

New opportunities to interact with our customers in the store

Clear indication about the picking point at store and procedure to follow to avoid till queues will be required.  If the chosen alternative is to facilitate the picking of the parcel by asking any of sale floor employees (not only at the till) , we will have more opportunities to interact with the customer.  

In fact, only one out of five companies is offering/suggesting additional products when the customer gets to the store to pick up her order.

click-collect-procesos-operativosYour right size in this store tomorrow without extra charge

The use of the same processes at the store to provide the availability of the right size in the following day at the same store without any additional charge is being used to increase conversion rates in more omnichannel mature markets such as UK. Also Click & Reserve service (without any advanced payment) for a limited period of time is being introduced and positively perceived by the customer.


Click & Collect is perceived as an added value and personalised service by the client 

Despite absolute sales figures of the click and collect are not huge, the very positive and qualitative impact that has on customers mind justifies its implementation. Not to forget store traffic generation, higher conversion rate and the most important thing…to get rid of  “sorry we don´t have it” out of our sale associates in front of the Client.

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