Special FOOTBALL CLUBS. OmniChannel MHE Retail Index

Special FOOTBALL CLUBS. OmniChannel MHE Retail Index

Football Clubs

Real Madrid CF achieves another championship this season, leading OmniChannel MHE Retail Index 2017.

Having analysed over 85 attributes in the areas of  Web, Mobile, Store, Marketing and Customer Services, Real CF has managed to get a higher score than their closer  national forever rivals (FC Barcelona and Atlético de Madrid)

While comparing scores to major spanish retail chains, Football Clubs represent clear opportunities to improve OmniChannel initiatives in their business.

Where your chain stands up now and where it should gear up to in OmniChannel? ¿Which are your main priorities to apply? ¿How MHE can help you?

Omnichannel Retail 365º

More info: carlos.dominguez@mheconsumer.com

OmniChannel Retail MHE  Index is also available in other sectors: Fashion, Home, Health and Beauty, Leisure and Technology and Food Super/Hypermarkets


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