MHE OmniChannel Retail Index

MHE OmniChannel Retail Index

Where do you stand now and where do you gear up to?

Latest MHE OmniChannel Retail Index results show who are the leading retailers that are making the most of OmniChannel activities in their businesses across all major retails sectors in Spain.

Physical store is by far where most of OmniChannel activities converge and where retail chains are prioritising now their investments. As a result, the store has validated its core and critical role when trying to build up and provide a unique customer experience. 

Only a third of the retail chains are currently providing online stock availability at individual store level. This represents a major opportunitiy to improve. 


Tecnology and culture product related sector keeps on leading OmniChannel though distances are getting closer and closer with the other sectors. Home related goods outstands as the one that has relatively increased its OmniChannel operations the most.

The size of the Company is not a barrier anymore to apply OmniChannel processes. 

150 retail chains have been analysed in Spain across major sectors. 85 attributes have been assessed grouped in 5 areas Web, Mobile, Store, Marketing andCustomer Services.


¿Where your chain stands up now and where it should gear up to in OmniChannel? ¿Which are your main priorities to apply? ¿How MHE can help you?

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