Health & Beauty OmniChannel MHE Retail Index

Health & Beauty OmniChannel MHE Retail Index

L´OCCITANE and NYX lead Health & Beauty OmniChannel sector. Spain

Traditional selective and mass market channels convergeTop Health Beauty MHE

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Main Findings
NIX Omnichannel MHE

Health & Beauty is just behind the Leisure / Technology sector in terms of developing OmniChannel initiatives and ahead of the Fashion sector.

Ecommerce is relatively recent in the sector and already reaches reasonable levels as% of total sales value (eg L’OCCITANE 11%, ULTA 7%).

L’OCCITANE and NYX stand out as the most complete omnichannel operators.

The ” Young / Makeup ” (NYX, Kiko) chain segment lead the omnichannel innovation. Especially in the areas of marketing with video tutorials, content generated by users and influencers and with the use of social networks such as youtube and Instagram.

Three out of four chains already offer marketing with contents of self-help and advice.

More than 80% of the chains provide user reviews and comments (UGC).

Although ¾ of the chains offer their own apps, they do not get very positive ratings from their users (Kiko being the exception). The bet to improve the experience of the mobile through the WEB is strengthened between the operators and ahead the own apps.

2/3 of the chains facilitate the online possibility of personalizing the purchase as a gift.Loyalty programme MHE


Despite the high frequency of purchase, only 1/3 of the channels allow the integrated use of their loyalty programs through the mobile.Content marketing MHE

Only 1/3 of the chains facilitate visibility of stock availability in real time at individual store level.

Only 10% of the operators have the “Click & Collect” service (substantially inferior to other sectors like Fashion).

The “Natural” segment has found in OmniChannelan excellent allied support to communicate their Brand values in a more reachable and personalised way.

OmniChannel is helping “Fast Beauty” in a clear evolution towards the world of FASHION.

The  tradiitonal”selective” and “mass market” Health & Beauty channels converge through the OmniChannel, blurring the borderline among them.

Direct sales to consumer activity by large brands (DTC), are taking advantage of OmniChannel and it is making progress.NYX


Where your chain stands up now and where it should gear up to in OmniChannel? ¿Which are your main priorities to apply? ¿How MHE can help you?

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