Special HOME. OmniChannel MHE Retail Index

Special HOME. OmniChannel MHE Retail Index

Home Decoration, DIY and Bed Specialists

The start of online sales in Ikea Spain represents a substantial milestone in the sector. It highlights the high percentage of online sales made from its own stores. Represents the best equipped Home Specialist at OmniChannel.

The home sector is the laggard of Retail, weighted by its greater complexity and high cost of logistics. It highlights its greater growth of initiatives in OmniChannel with respect to the previous year.

 Leroy Merlin and IKEA are leading, by far, the Omni initiatives in Mobile


Among the opportunities for improvement are:
– 2/3 of the chains do NOT offer stock availability per individual store in real time
– Only 1/3 offers Live Chat service for customer support
– 90% of the chains, still do not offer alternatives of virtual reality / simulation of their products in its Web
– Only 1 in 6 chains has QR codes available to link specific info about your products

Maison du Monde OmniChanel

Once the logistical obstacles have been overcome, the Home sector provides an excellent and auspicious horizon for the OmniChannel:
– Virtual extension of the range of assortment, surpassing the great needs of space in its stores
– Expansion into more centric and urban environments complementing your current peripheral locations with smaller formats
– Transformation of the customer service in store, transferring to the online environment an important part of the process of selection and personalization of the product
– The use of video tutorials facilitates the work of after sales and installation

ikea serrano Madrid

Bed Specialists Subsector

Bed specislist have achieved the highest relative growth in OmniChannel initiatives vs previous year

Over 85 different attributes have been analysed for each of the major retail chains of Home Decoration, DIY and Bed specialists in Spain.

Where your chain stands up now and where it should gear up to in OmniChannel? ¿Which are your main priorities to apply? ¿How MHE can help you?

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