Leisure and Technology. OmniChannel MHE Retail Index

Leisure and Technology. OmniChannel MHE Retail Index

Worten, Fnac y Toys”R”us are the highlights in OmniChannel. Amazon keeps on dominating vs Retail chainsRanking Leisure TechnologyAmazon vs Retail Chains


  • Leisure and Technology is consolidated as the sector with the highest development in Omnichannel incentives. Being as well the sector where eCommerce gets the highest percentage over its total sales, therefore its digital transformation has been more completed.IMG_3832-compressor
  • Stand out, by sector; Worten in Technology, Fnac in Culture and ToyRus in toys.
  • At the time of comparing this business chains with Amazon (excluding the attributes related to the physical shops), it is possible to observe a strong leadership from the Global eCommerce Operator, specially in the Web area.
  • It is on the area of customer service where Leisure & Technology grows the most when compared to last year and in relation to other retail sectors as well. From a more specific view, it is possible to appreciate a higher number of initiatives at the time of providing differentiated alternatives when delivering the product, maintenance and installation services.
  • There are already a 40% of the companies that provide the online anticipated reservation of new product launches
  • The anticipation of customer experience through data compilation and client reviews communications, is one of the characteristics of this sector (60% compared to the 20% in Fashion)
    4 out of 5 business chains have already an own app although its use and reviews from the consumer isn´t very high.


Delivery menu Opportunities

  • In retail technology, by its nature of big ticket items and ease of comparison of the product (brand / model / specifications) between the different chains, is where OmniChannel Pricing Management becomes more complex and dynamic, in time, location and channel by the operators.IMG_5540-compressor
  • The integration of channels will continue to foster greater commercial dynamism with multiple events and short duration.
  • The virtual range extension is making possible the opening of smaller urban formats in surface but with higher commercial quality as location. Media Markt is a clear example of this new practice.
  • The “expert” consumer does his / her duties of information search / selection online prior to the physical visit in Store, providing in this way an excellent opportunity for the staff in store to focus on the sale of additional services (maintenance, guarantees extension and Insurance).
  • The physical store is reinforced with training activities supporting an environment of greater customer relationship not directly linked to the act of sale.
  • The direct sales to consumer activity by major brands / manufacturers in this technology sector is still very small and further development of OmniChannel in the coming years will facilitate their more active move into eCommerce.


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