Retail Promotional Activity: Main chains’ teams vision

Retail Promotional Activity: Main chains’ teams vision

Promotions in retail, increasingly personalized, shorter and with greater emphasis on unit prices

Mhe, Retail consultancy carried out, between the days 15 and 21 of December 2017, a survey about promotional activity in the main retail brands in Spain. It involved 200 managers of more than 100 retail brands (different sectors: Fashion, Home, Leisure and Technology, Health and Beauty and CPG).

The study was focused on the implementation degree of certain variables within their respective chains, related to the promotional activity they perform:

  • Nowadays
  • Expected in the next 12 months

For each variable, they were ask to define if the implementation degree and impact will be Nonexistent, Low, Medium, High or Very High. gement optimization tool.

The % discount remains dominant. It is, by far, the promotional structure most used by the chains that answered the survey.

Multi-purchase loses weight compared to other types of promotions.Mhe Retail Promotional Activity 018 - Promotions Typology

By sectors, CPG chains have decided fight for the margin, and there is a big reduction on the forecasted use of Multi-purchase promotions.Mhe Retail Promotional Activity 018 - Promotions Typology CPG

Mhe works for Retail chains and brands optimizing their promotional activity


Email is still the main promotion communication channel for the brands.

Social networks experiment the biggest increases in the next 12 months, specially Instagram. YouTube also focuses big expectations as promotional channel, although its current share is residual.Mhe Retail Promotional Activity 018 - Promotional Communication ChannelsPersonalization of promotions is expected to be given, mainly, by the study of clients’ purchasing patterns.

Loyalty programs will also be another important source of inspiration for the brands.Mhe Retail Promotional Activity 018 - Personalization of Promotions

Promotions are increasingly becoming more ephemeral. Future implementation of promotions in periods of time lower than a week expected.Mhe Retail Promotional Activity 018 - Promotions Expiriation

No changes are expected in the % of sales resulting from promotions.Mhe Retail Promotional Activity 018 - Weight of Promotions

Health and Beauty and Home Brands will be, in relative terms regarding the current scenario, the most active in their promotional strategy.

Leisure and Technology, given the current conjuncture of reduced margins, do not foresee an increase of promotions weight, already high, on the other hand.Mhe Retail Promotional Activity 018 - Promo ActiveMhe Retail Promotional Activity 018 - Comunication channels


Mhe, retail consultancy, works with brands and chains in strategy and operations for omnichannel environment.

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