Market Mapping: Spring – Summer 2018

Market Mapping: Spring – Summer 2018

Market Mapping is a commercial tool to improve assortment performance


  1. Price Architecture. RetailMarket-Mapping-Evolution
  2. Product Mix
  3. Assortment Range
  4. Color Architecture
  5. Visual Merchandising and Communication


  1. Objective Monitoring of Competition
  2. Validation of the Positioning and Internal Consistency
  3. Assortment Planning and Merchandise Management

Objective pricing and assortment benchmarking to check current positioning vs competitors


Available departments

  • WomanMarket-Mapping-Price Range
  • Man
  • Child (boys/girls 3-14 years)
  • Baby (0-3 years)
  • Footwear and handbags
  • Underwear and lingerie
  • Home textile






More tan 60 main commercial formats analyzed in Spain with 4 waves per year, it is monitored seasonally:

  • Spring / Autumn: March and May
  • Autumn / Winter: September and November



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