OmniChannel Mhe Retail Index 2018 Results

OmniChannel Mhe Retail Index 2018 Results

¿Where are you vs your competitors in an omnichannel context and where to go?

Leading retailers concentrate their efforts in those omnichannel initiatives that, mainly through mobile, have a greater impact on costumer experience and that entail an important operational transformation in the physical store. Here lies the main challenge of the sector.


Decathlon, leader for the second consecutive year

Decathlon, Kiabi and Ikea lead the top 10 of the multisectorial ranking. There is a strong omnichannel activity going on in 2018, highlighting that 6 of the top 10 brands that join the group of featured in this edition of 2018.
There is still room to incorporate possible new omnichannel initiatives. The most advanced score is 2/3 of the theoretical maximum possible.Top Ranking Omnichannel MHE 2018

Ikea Mobile Omnichannel MHE 2018

Advanced and Laggards

The level of omnichannel development is not linear and the digital gap between Advanced and Laggards operators is widening.
By areas, marketing is the main gateway to omnichannel and is where there is less difference between Advanced and Laggards.
On the other hand, in Store and Mobile areas, the gap between the two groups of retailers is more noticed.
Initiatives where there is a wider gap between Advanced and Laggards are: real stock visibility in store, click & collect and own app.Advance vs Laggard Omnichannel 2018Adnace vs Lggards by Area MHE

2018 vs 017 Evolution

The initiatives that retailers have incorporated the most, are those that integrate the physical store through the mobile in the customer’s journey related to payment methods, Click & collect and availability of stock.

Differences between the various Retail sectors

Leisure and Technology continues to maintain its leadership in the omnichannel field. There is a progressive convergence between sectors, highlighting the strong growth of Fashion.ranking by sector omnichannel MHE

methodology Omnichannel MHE 2018

Area and Chains Omnichannel MHE Retail Index 2018

Omnichannel is not a mere additional layer to the conventional management in Retail

The incorporation of new omnichannel initiatives makes more evident the need to transform and integrate conventional channels to achieve greater real operational efficiency, and not only additional costs for the existing business model.

Mhe works for retail chains and brands optimizing formats in an Omnichannel environment


International vision, consumer insights and external benchmarking

Omnichannel environment transformation

  • Customer Experience optimization
  • Assortment adaptation
  • Promotional activity optimization
  • Commercial efficiency in store operations
  • Locations strategy and POS typology

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