Omnichannel Mhe Retail Index 2018. Results by sector. “The only thing I want is …everything”

Omnichannel Mhe Retail Index 2018. Results by sector. “The only thing I want is …everything”

“The only thing I want is …everything”

Given this statement of the consumer, “the only thing I want …is everything” in the omnichannel environment, the chains-brands make an effort on selection and prioritization of those initiatives more relevant inside each sector.


Each functional area has a great specialist

Adidas on Web, Springfield in Mobile, Media Markt in Store, Kiko in Marketing and Apple in Customer ServiceOmnichannel by functional area


Strong presence of Inditex group in the top ranking of Store area

There are three brands of the group in the Store’s area top 10: Zara, Pull&Bear and Stradivarius

Amazon … remains the King

Excluding Store area, Amazon is still taking up the first place on Omnichannel initiatives terms although differences with retail operators are getting smallerMhe Consumer

its star omnichannel initiatives

  • Fashion: Click & Collect
  • Home: Stock Visibility
  • Technology: Comments and Track order
  • Health & Beauty: Rating and Videos
  • CPG: Delivery options and Own app
  • E-Players: Returns and Track order
    Omnichannel Index Mhe 2018

Health & Beauty Omnichannel Mhe Retail Index 018

*Other sectors such as Fashion, Home, Leisure & Technology and CPG are available. Please download below.

Priority of those initiatives with higher impact on Customer Experience

  • Given the flood of new alternatives of available omnichannel initiatives, is especially important to prioritize those that have higher positive impact for the Customer Experience in each sector
  • If new initiatives are not going with a format adaptation, commercial planning operations store, marketing and location strategy, the main return of investments will be lost

Omnichannel Mhe Retail Index 2018


 Mhe RetailCains coverage


Mhe works for retail chains and brands optimizing formats in an Omnichannel environment


International vision, consumer insights and external benchmarking

Omnichannel environment transformation

  • Customer Experience optimization
  • Assortment adaptation
  • Promotional activity optimization
  • Commercial efficiency in store operations
  • Locations strategy and POS typology

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