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Fashion chains Omnichannel Index MHESubstantial progress of OmniChannel initiatives in the Fashion Retail Sector

Latest results of the second edition of  Special FASHION OmniChannel Retail MHE Index (clothing, sportwear, footwear, accessories and lingery) confirm strong efforts made by the major operators in Spain.

Top Fashion Omnichannel Index MHE

Those brands/chains with a more innovative style clearly achieve a higher score on OmniChannel performance.
Style and Omnichannel Index MHE

Though, there are many outstanding opportunities to improve such as visibility of specific stock at store level.

Mobile omnichannel Index 2017






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Hypermarkets and Supermarkets. Digital Gap

MHE Retail Omnichannel Index 2017

Digital transformation: Strategic alternative for Food retailers?

MHE Retail Omnichannel Index 2017 results reveal the outsantind position of Carrefour and Dia in terms of digital transformation and omnichannel activities, integrating online, mobile and physical stores. There is  a clear strategic decision in both companies to improve customer experience with the digital help.  Ecommerce sales are still discrete (les than 1% of total turnover) and direct operational costs are subsidised by traditional stores.

The big gap with Mercadona. leading supermarket chain in Spain has substantially increased during year 2016. Mercadona is proud to keep “very low digital” profile, protecting its more traditional, simple, low cost business model that generates excellent results in terms of sales, growth and profitability.

Spanish housewives are not an exception to the digital fever and already consider smart phone as an effective tool for their day to day activities. Even, discounts formats such as Lidl are already usisng digital channel for their promotional push and to build stronger customer relationships.

Mercadona WEB

Customer exchange experiences across retail sectors


Food retailers were the first to start Ecommerce in early times, having strong losses due to operational difficulties to execute online orders.  Meanwhile Non Food operators have achieved a significant development in the last 2 years implementing omnichannel and are showing the way to consumers that easily are eager to apply same experience across different sectors.


Fresh products. Key for Ecommerce


Fresh products have historically been an strong barrier to Ecommerce in Food. All efforts made by retailers are starting to change slowly some shopping patterns and in most of the chains, 75% of the online order include already some perishables. This will mean a higher order frequency online. In fact, the development of new products/packaging in Fresh produce suppliers will facilitate to accelarate this upwards trend.


Promotional activity and customer relationship 

Hypermarkets and Supermarkets have strongly expressed as their main interest while using omnichannel, will be their promotional activity and customer realationship management. We are not only in a situation where chains are replacing traditional printed offer brochures by digitial communication. A much higher commercial impact will come from a more personalized and digital approach.


Delivery costs. What is too much for the Client?  


The range of all delivery costs among the different operators is very wide. The same applies to the minimum required quantity to have free home delivery by the Food retailer.

Traditional home delivery service offered by most supermarkets has had a very slow update process and in fact, food retailers are already convinced that the way forward is not to adapt their current delivery service but to articulate a new system that implies high investments and new management resources.

Pure Ecommerce operators are struggling to acquire new customers providing very low minimum purchase threshold to get free delivery.

Delivery and perceived value


Consumer perceived value of delivery choice is very high spite of the strong concentration on the more standard service and popular hour bands. It is not enough to offer the choice but to be able to honour and fulfilled what is promised.

Click & Collect service (Drive in) has not achieved the planed success, given very positive experiences in other european countries (specially France where it represents over 5% of total sales and there over 2.700 drive in facilities across the country. Nonf Food sector is enjoying strong growth via Click & Collect (30% of online sales) as it is considered by the customer as an excellent resource to make sure size availabilty of the desired product/colour in the nearby store.

Entrega. Coste y alternativas

Innovation on non core areas to improve the real business power engine


Pop up experiences such the joint venture among Amazon Prime Now and DIA help to break and penetrate old moulds and shopping patterns. It is proven to be a good innovation initiative that will have a positive impact on core businesses of each of the partners involved.

Amazon Prime Alimentacion

Retail Omnichannel Index


MHE  has reviewed over 100 attributes, grouped by user experience, multidevice experience, marketing, delivery and customer service along the available channels: online, mobile and physical stores. Over 140 retail chains in Spain have been included across major sectors. This Omnichannel Index is updated on yearly basis to identify evolution and trends.

As retail consultancy, MHE facilitates improvement across product, space and time at store level integrating teams around Omnichannel.

Carlos Domínguez. Director.

Workshop EventStore operations opportunities in omnichannel. WORKSHOP

Omnichannel environment provides store operations opportunities to improve that retail chains are implementing with a high impact.

We will share vision and experiences on how retail chains are taking advantage of the omnichannel environment to implement store operations improvements

  • Interaction with customers instore. Conversion
  • Merchandise management and stockroom management
  • New store manager role. Non commercial functions to avoid
  • Click and Collect service
  • Instore communication and promotional activity
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