Commercial Planning

Assortment planning and management

We provide a framework to integrate product, operating and marketing functions with customer feedback. The result is to give the creative function a more commercial focus.

  • Best seller merchandising.
  • From a sales budget to a detailed purchasing plan.
  • Category management.
  • Assortment review.
  • Specific segmentations of products.
  • Product development processes



Initial pricing optimisation and margin management along the season to make sure it matches the decided Brand positioning and improves total Merchandise contribution

  • Utilisation of detailed core competitor benchmarking (Market Mapping).
  • Analysis of internal performance based upon price segments.
  • Predictive analytics (ProCast) for price perception and product. acceptance of individual products through online consumer reviews prior to final purchasing commitment.
  • Recommendation of Price architecture: entry, average, exit and most frequent Price point per product category.
  • Allocation of options through the different price segments.
  • Relative internal pricing consistency across product categories implementing consumer relevant criteria



We enable better commercial pre-planning to simplify detailed in-season micro management.

  • Flow of goods planning.
  • Initial allocations to stores and distribution center.
  • In-season management.
  • Markdown management.
  • Size management.
  • Merchandise grouping.
  • Store transfers management.
  • Residual stock management

Stock optimisation


The financial approach is completed by using our commercial product expertise to reduce the number of SKUs and working capital, providing a higher OTB to the business.

  • Real visibility and availability of stock.
  • Coverage analysis and sell through.
  • Identification of bestsellers and slow-movers.
  • Commercial reduction in the number of SKUs.
  • Initial allocation and replenishment models.
  • Identification of supply chain improvements.
  • Merchandise to store “Pull”, “Push” and “Pull and push”.
  • Stores transfers rationalisation.
  • Stock loss reduction

Space management

Gestión del Espacio

  • Optimisation of selling area in the stores in line with customer itinerary.
  • Gross and net pace
  • Surface and lineal meters. Display density
  • Location of till areas, fitting rooms and stock rooms
  • Permanent and seasonal zones
  • End cap strategy and commercial plan
  • Space allocation per product categories taking into account, strategic role, sales and margin performance, number of options and GMROI
  • Product adjacencies

Store GradingStore grading

We facilitate store clusters that, despite initial complexity, simplify merchandise allocation.

  • Performance analysis by store typology.
  • Criteria to be used, departments, categories, families, models and options.
  • Relevant KPIs such as display capacity, stock room capacity.
  • Commercial attributes to apply such as segmentation by price, fashion, client typology, location type.
  • Frequency of deliveries to stores.
  • Specifics for shop in shop, corners in third party environments

Scorecards. KPIs


Review and elaboration of scorecards for the total business, chain, individual stores adapting the content, variables, frequency and support for each of the main commercial functions.

  • Use of the previous commercial planning implementation
  • Implementation for the specific business
  • Declining the variables in time, function, geography and product classification
  • Integration with external benchmarks when applies
  • Definition and set up of relevant alerts
  • Use of exception criteria
  • Mobile environment applications

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