Retail Customer Experience Optimisation


Outside objective view and consumer feedback all along the phases and omnichannel customer journeys.

It is adapted to specific retail subsector such as fashion, home, tecnology, hypermarket/supermarkets and health services.
Solid competitor benchmarking and assesment of omnichannel initiatives.
Operational implications for the different functions and roles involved.
Proven tolkit “RoCX” (Retail omnichannel Customer Xperience) that allows to identify, prioritise and implement detailed and specific recommendations.

Competitor and Best Practice Omnichannel  Initiative Benchmarking

Omnichannel Mhe Retail Index provides a review of over 150 retail chains acrosss major subsectors in Spain. 100 attributes are included and weigthed following consumer feedback in the main areasIMG_4726-compressor

  • Web
  • Mobile
  • Store
  • Services
  • Marketing

Consumer Feedback

Ad hoc consumer research online to determine satisfaction levels, perception and potential prescription along the different phases in the journey. (Promoters and Detractors)IMG_7798-compressor

  • Awareness
  • Browsing and information
  • Decision
  • Transaction
  • Delivery/execution
  • After sales service
  • Loyalty / proactive recommendation

Product and Pricing

Selective competitor benchmarking and owns store to assessInnisfree New York

  • Mix of products/services
  • Assortment width/choice
  • Price architecture. Entry prices, average prices, exit and more frequent prices per product category. Number of price points
  • Weights and balance of relevant product segments

Operations and Customer Interactions

Operational mapping of core activities along relevant customer journeysPersonal Assistants

  • Moments of truth in customer journeys
  • Positive and negative sentiment in the interactions
  • Integration and synchronization of channels involved
  • Functions and roles in the organisation
  • Technology and device requirements

Identification of opportunities to improve. Priorities

Identification and evaluation of those actions that have a higher impact in the customer experienceMedia Markt CX


  • Consistency and internal best practices across the chain
  • Well defined journey tipologies such as “first time”, “non active customer” and “proactive promoter”
  • Drivers to generate a more qualified visitor flow into the stores
  • Customer perception and reality check 
  • Gap analysis client vs employees perception
  • Prioritisation based upon estimated return, how difficult to execute, time and resources required
  • Specific follow up KPIs to include and exclude

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