OmniChannel Retail 365º

 Digital Roadmap

Review of the current situation of the chain in omnichannel environment. Relevant Benchmarking between related operators and best practices (MHE Omnichannel Index). Identify opportunities, evaluate returns and propose action priorities based on expected impact. Preparation and monitoring of the Digital Roadmap integrating the different areas

  • WebImagen1
  • Mobile
  • Store Operations
  • Marketing
  • Client services
  • Business Organization
  • KPI´s


User Merchandising

Optimization of user experienceen web / mobile environment online with physical store to increase business efficiency in ecommerce

  • Visibility on siteFoto Valoraciones
  • Merchandising of product categories
  • Pricing and Assortment
  • Merchandising of articles and looks
  • User Generated Content (UGC)
  • Product life cycle management integration (PLM)
  • Sync with Visual Merchandising in store


Click & Collect

Implementation and improvement of the service Click & Collect in the chain promoting the maximum experience of  stock availabilitymaterialized in the desired size / color

  • Online communicationSPf
  • Communication in store
  • Pre-collection process
  • Stock Availability in store
  • Picked up at the store
  • Test and interaction in store
  • Customized promotional items and actions
  • Change / Return in and out of store
  • Operating processes


Promotions and Personalization

Transformation of the generic promotional activity with a more personalized and OmniChannel approach considering the person, product, type of offer, context of space and time in which it is executed

  • Promotional Innovationcarrefour Food
  • Predictive levels of acceptance by type of offer
  • Optimized mix of products to include
  • Affinity based on customer segment
  • Optimization of promotional channels to use (brochures, coupons, club, app, email 
  • Planning and implementation in physical store
  • Retail calendar development and integration


Customer Experience and Promoter Score

Understanding and detailed analysis of the different touchpoints with the Clientand impact on their experience to be able to identify those levers that will lead to an improvement in Promoter Score

  • Breakdown of experience in processes suitable for evaluationFoto Worten Financiacion
  • Special emphasis on product / person interaction for product testing
  • Feedback through consumer-specific research
  • Ratings and reviews by customers for other customers
  • Elaboration and follow-up NPS (Net Promoter Score)
  • Apply new initiatives in pilot stores. Evaluation and implementation

Operational Improvements. Interaction

Identification and evaluation of those initiatives of omnichannel environment that have a greater impact in the improvement of operative efficiency propitiating a greater interaction and commercial success

Imagen envio expres

  • Check availability stock for item / size / color
  • Virtual extension of the range
  • Money mapping. Results allocation  to zones / subzones
  • Visual Merchandising tracking and remote implementation
  • Continuous training in employee-specific pills
  • Commercial use of mobile devices by employees




Omnichannel Assortment Optimisation

The current trend of number of options density reduction in the stores and the introduction of smaller urban/prime formats drive the need for an assortment optimisationsephora range extension

  • Assortment for physical stores and online
  • Product categories and tipology of merchandise to make sur is in the store
  • Balance of Price architecture on/off line
  • Balance of promotional merchandise on/off line
  • Impact on current store grading allocation

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