Optimisation of store processes in omnichannel environment


Beyond just cost reductions, we recommend improvements in operating processes to break down historical inertia, based on an internal and external benchmarking analysis.

  • Staff management.
  • Pre retail specifications and merchandise preparation.
  • Merchandise replenishment form stockroom to selling area.
  • Selling processes.
  • Interaction with product in store.
  • Promotion management.
  • Store performance management.
  • Omnichannel store integration
  • KPIs.
  • Commercial structure. Functions.
  • Training

Consumer insights


By integrating customer feedback on assortment planning processes and operations, we ensure customer expectations are exceeded.

  • Commercial reading of results by product attributes and consumer segmentations.
  • Internal processes to ensure commercial effectiveness in the communication of the customer feedback from stores to headquarters.
  • Customer satisfaction metrics. NPS
  • In store/online surveys to visitors/customers.
  • Specific focus groups.
  • Mystery shopper programmes

Customer experience management


We enable customer interaction through different sales channels, achieving higher visit frequency and loyalty.

  • Structure and commercial navigation of the web.
  • Visibility and ease of web search.
  • Dynamic display tools and online sales.
  • Selling process optimization and service in store.
  • Customer itinerary.
  • Omnichannel integration.
  • After sales service

Visual merchandising

Through space allocation, product adjacencies, display and preparation of store itineraries, VM plays a key role in integrating the buying department with operations. Operational aspects are particularly important such as display capacity and merchandise density.

  • Store space allocation.
  • Money mapping.
  • Merchandise display criteria.
  • Display capacity.
  • Communication in store.
  • From pilot store to chain implementation.
  • Visual merchandising, processes and training tools

Promotional dynamics


Through promotions and events, we articulate an assortment and merchandise presentation in line with the customer’s mindset. This creates greater impact and an improved perception of dynamism in store without a real change in product.

  • Events and promotions.
  • Retail calendar preparation.
  • Integration with buying teams.
  • In store implementation

Instore communication


The way to communicate with the customer in the store is drastically changing due to the interaction with other nonphysical channels , especially in the information and preselection of the items. We provide an strategy and a clear hierarchy of instore communication to implement matching this new customer experience.

  • Brand/institutional communication
  • Functional communication
  • Product communication
  • Emotional messages
  • Mechanisms and location
  • Change frequencies and Promotional dynamism
  • Integration with other omnichannel supports
  • Visual pollution prevention

Commercial organisation and functions


Given the need for small teams at a company’s head office, we define and integrate its functions with a schedule of joint activities, which will only be successful if it has a proper commercial organisation.

  • Rationalisation of headquarters structure.
  • Commercial-operating functions and processes.
  • Calendar of joint activities



Measure only what really matters in store. We recommend specific actions to achieve increases in conversion ratios, average transaction value and units per ticket.

  • Increase visitors’ conversion to clients.
  • Improve UPT sales.
  • Increase ATV.
  • Integration with incentives system to sales staff

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