Visual Merchandising. Operations

VM Workshops. Training and Transformation

Interactive internal training sessions (1-2 full days in house)Workshops VM

  • Initial own and competitor stores visits
  • Identify relevant Best Practices
  • Multifunctional teams tahat are involved: VM, product, commercial planning, marketing and operations
  • Personalised contents to specific retail format
  • More frequent modules are: Space allocation, prodcut density, how to elaborate and execute product stories in the store, merchandise display criteria, in store communication, promotional dynamics, VM & Omnichannel, Maintenance and compliance in stores


Omnichannel VM

Omnichannel initiatives integration (online and store) taking advantage of the new available tools  
omnichannel vm

  • Customer experience optimisation through the different available channels
  • Remote execution and compliance of VM guides lines for the stores
  • Online User Merchandising improvement to maximise Ecommerce
  • How to adapt current levels of in store communication to the new Omnicahnnel environment. Digital vs conventional 
  • Queues commercial management


Space allocation.  Store Lay out

Store concept review and formulate new space allocation and layout for the retail format 
planificacion espacios

  • Merchandise densities
  • Location of key operational areas in store
  • Customer itinerary and product adjacencies
  • Product categories role and impact on lay out
  • Aplication to store clusters and typologies
  • Set and execute multifunctional internal process to open new stores and refurbishments


VM Integration with Commercial Planning and Product

It is essential from the very begining to integrate planning and product to maximise VM execution in the stores
planificacion producto

  • Merchandise densities. Number of options and depth. Real display capacity in the store. Buying for space
  • Product stories strategies. Coordination and hierarchy of messages
  • Block buying and block displays execution
  • Wall vs floor merchandise. Guidelines and impact


In store Communication

To adapt current in store communciation levels to the new Omnichannel environment where the consumer has other tools/alternatives. Make the most of your stores
comunicacion en tienda

  • In store communication review and optimisation. At all levels…brand, institutional, operational/functional, emotional, promotional and product specific. Avoid visual pollution
  • Imporve mechanics and supports for the communication. Define optimal location. Digital and conventional balance. Shop windows
  • To define content for each level of communication in the store
  • To standarised and rationalise communication execution across the store network
  • Make sure mechanics are valid to support seasonal and promotional dynamics


Promotional Activity

To achieve higher perception od dynamism in the store will  provide more relevant messages for the client and therefore higher commercial impact
dinamica promocional

  • To elaborate and execute retail calendar integrating product, marketing and VM
  • Promotional innovation. Best Practice review. Evaluation of different promotion alternatives in terms of content, channel, customer segment and execution
  • Strategy, design and implementation of specific seasonal/promotional areas in the stores
  • Promotional activity transformation. From generic brochures to more personalised actions
  • Omnichannel initiatives

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