Market Mapping Pricing Benchmarking

¿What is it for ?

Objective pricing and assortment benchmarking to check current positioning vs competitors. Consistent and complete methodology that will provide higher sales productivity of the merchandise

Pricing MHE

  • Validate price and assortment positioning vs competitors. Current and evolution
  • Make sure different internal departments and product categories match price and assortment guidelines
  • Facilitate commercial planning process for next season

¿What does it provide?

It replicates consumer experience in the relevant competitors all along the key moments of each season 

Market Mapping MHE

  • Selling Price architecture. Entry, average, exit and most repeated price per prodcut category 
  • Product mix. % of number of options per category. Top/bottom ratio 
  • Assortment width in terms of number of options (model per colour)
  • Colour architecture. basic, seasonal an fashion colour segments
  • Visual merchandising and instore communication. Merchandise display density. Floor vs wall. Folded vs hanging. Frontal vs lateral. Promotions in store

Retail sectors coverage

Over 70 retail chains/brands are covered in Spain. Main market segments; hypermarkets, clothing generalists, specialists, department stores and etailers 

Retail Benchmarking

  • Women/young clothing
  • Men/young clothing
  • Children clothing (by age groups). Girls and boys
  • Baby clothing
  • Footwear (women, men and children)
  • Sport clothing and footwear
  • Underwear and lingerie
  • Hand bags
  • Home textiles and bedlinen…

Service subscription

Market Mapping service has over 10 years experience working. Each Company Client selects 5-6 relevant competitors per department

More Info:

Market Mapping

  • Subscription by season (AW and SS)
  • 4 merchandise data inputs in physical representative stores of each chain/brand: September/November/March/May
  • Results available in October/December/April/June
  • Alternative competitors may be included
  • Other product categories and departments can be covered
  • Online offer monitoring is also available

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