Shopping Centres

Shopping Centres Review

Optimisation of shopping centres that are already opened:


  • Validate catchment areas
  • Customer and operator feedback
  • Tenant mix
  • Operational improvements
  • Marketing plan review
  • Omnichannel opportunities
  • Relaunch prior to new competitor coming
  • Rent level than can be supported
  • Potential expansion plan evaluation
  • Commercial Due Diligence in Transactions


New Commercial Developments

Feasibility study, concept and sales potential for new shopping centres in the different location typology (urban, out of town, retail park…)

viabilidad centro comercial

  • Catchment zones definition
  • Detailed competition analysis. Current and forecast. MHE shopping Index tool
  • Potential expenditure quantification for major product categories and services
  • Gravitational model to forecast new scenarios of potential sales
  • Concept, size and tenant mix recommendations
  • Gap analysis for potential operators
  • Sales productivities estimate
  • Rent levels that can be supported


Travel Retail

Captive Retailing in transport hubs.  Airport, Train stations, Bus stations, Cruises …

Travel Retail

  • Size and sales potential
  • Commercial concept
  • Tenant mix
  • Lay out and customer itineraries
  • Marketing plan

Retail in Non Retail Destinations

Commercial developments in non Retail environments where the main reason to visit is not Retail. Additional revenue taking advantage of visitors flow in Museums, tourist destinations, factories, leisure parks, cinemas, sport clubs…

Actividad comercial en parques ocio

  • Benchmarking and international best practices
  • Concept and commercial strategy
  • Size and lay out
  • Customer experience optimisation
  • Spending per cap and sales productivity potential
  • Assortment strategy. Pricing architecture. Thematic vs Generic
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Omnichannel opportunities

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