Retail Strategy

Estrategia retailCommercial strategic review

We analyse a company’s commercial performance, provide essential consumer feedback, and objectively benchmark competitors using a wide range of external data sources.

  • Customer analysis.
  • Consumer research.
  • Competitors benchmarking.
  • Market trends and forecast.
  • Business perfomance understanding.
  • Diagnostic review of activities and processes.
  • External benchmarking.
  • Identify opportunities.
  • Preparation of detailed recommendations.
  • Impact and quantification.
  • Detailed action plan

Estrategia retailCustomer Experience Optimisation

Outside objective view and consumer feedback all along the phases and omnichannel customer journeys.

  • It is adapted to specific retail subsector such as fashion, home, tecnology, hypermarket/supermarkets and health services.
  • Solid competitor benchmarking and assesment of omnichannel initiatives.
  • Operational implications for the different functions and roles involved.
  • Proven tolkit “RoCX” (Retail omnichannel Customer Xperience) that allows to identify, prioritise and implement detailed and specific recommendations.

Estrategia retailStore concept

We assess whether the design of the format satisfies the operating needs of the business and develop a realistic financial business model.

  • Target client.
  • Value.
  • Price strategy.
  • Design specifications.
  • Location criteria.
  • Key operating specifications.
  • Business financial model.
  • Potential development.

Estrategia retailDistribution channels

We work with brands to integrate their wholesale activity directly with own retail or through third parties, enabling direct contact with the final consumer in an omnichannel environment.

  • Review of perfomance by channel and location type.
  • Store portfolio clustering.
  • External and internal attributes that impact on performance.
  • Quantification of potential paceión.
  • Location strategy: closures, relocations, openings and investment priorities.
  • Multichannel activity.
  • Investment prioritisation.
  • MHE non food retail index.
  • Specific evaluation of individual locations.
  • Brand retailing.

International expansion

Estrategia retail

Thanks to our extensive experience in international markets, we avoid the positioning, product and location mistakes frequently made by companies during periods of expansion.

  • New geographical markets/product evaluation.
  • Quantification and characterisation of segments.
  • Main competitor profiles.
  • Success stories and failures to avoid.
  • Validation of potential product/format acceptance by the consumer.
  • Validation of business-financial model.
  • Routes to market. Possible partners.

Commercial due diligence

Due diligence comercial

We identify potential improvements at commercial and operating levels to support the business plan, and assess growth prospects.

  • Realistic and objective assessment of the proposed business plan.
  • Channel and store portfolio review.
  • Consumer, market and competitor trends.
  • Operating and commercial improvements.
  • Potential exit for investors.
  • Post 100 days action plan.

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