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Ranking of employee and exemployee satisfaction with their Retail companies

Satisfied employees build trust. The best branding at our fingertips


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In many cases, the customer experience is a true reflection of the employee experience. There is a clear correlation between the two.


Ranking of employee satisfaction with their Retail companies

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MHE has developed this ranking of employee satisfaction with its retail companies. The initial base used is 268,000 employee and former employee ratings from more than 40 Retail companies published on Indeed and Infojobs as of July 2021. In some cases, these valuations include countries other than Spain. To homogenize the results, the scores have been weighted taking into account the source and the number of opinions available for each individual company.

The total score (Max = 5) takes into account several aspects such as:

  • Wages/benefits
  • Personal/work balance
  • Stability / ease of promotion
  • Management. Direct bosses
  • Culture and business environment

Beyond salary

The implications of employee satisfaction, beyond their salary, go beyond the realm of human resource management. The development of this function, increasingly integrated with the business itself, faces important challenges:

  • Hybrid partial remote work formulas for those activities that allow it
  • Overlap and less and less defined boundaries between work and personal life
  • Self-learning and continued development as a corporate competitive advantage
  • Values and purpose of the online company with personal conviction
  • Greater respect for individual diversity in how to achieve those values and common purpose of the company
  • Execution of communication and internal marketing with greater transparency and authenticity


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Technology and Human Resources. Implications

Technological innovations, already in application (e.g. autocheck-out), make it necessary to adapt certain roles and functions in store and central services. It is not always about updating technological skills but also, with special emphasis, developing and completing personal interaction skills.
The qualitative leap of analyzing not only functions, but individual skills with the support of analytics and artificial intelligence begins to facilitate mobility initiatives not exclusively within the same company but also between collaborating companies (e.g. Walmart / Unilever) and in the medium term why not to sectors as different from Retail as Health Services where interaction with customer / patient is key.


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Change of Time Horizons and Professional/Personal Expectations

In the face of greater uncertainty and constant changes ahead, everything we can do to strengthen the adaptability, flexibility and resilience of our employees will pay off.


Invest in defining and improving the key levers to achieve greater satisfaction in your employees. It will be the best and most effective branding for your business.



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