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Priorities and qualities on the rise for Marketing teams.

Obsession with the Customer


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There is no doubt about the obsession and interest in the Customer that permeate our companies increasingly in the last 10 years. The constant concern for competition, sometimes sickly, has been far outweighed by a greater focus on the Customer

Retail Marketing has ceased to be a mere department to be integrated into the different activities of the company. In its evolution, this function has had very different focuses and emphasis:

  • Concentration on communication management
  • Promotional activity
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Loyalty programs
  • Ecommerce
  • Data analytics
  • Omnichannel
  • Customer Experience
  • …/…

During one of these stages in retail, marketing attributes were intimately linked to the product to such an extent that the best marketers were the product specialists themselves.

In every Retail company, Marketing has meant something different. It is a clear reflection of the priorities of each business to see what specific activities are included under the versatile marketing umbrella.


Customer Experience. Top priority for Marketers (CMO)


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Human qualities best valued for the Marketing team in a highly technological environment

In an environment of strong technological development, it highlights that the most valued qualities for marketing teams are transversal human skills with a view to greater adaptation and creativity in changing situations.


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Lifelong learning

Getting that within the organization itself, learning is considered as a competitive advantage, will be critical to be able to face the constant changes and appearances of new functions and newly created jobs.

The outsourcing of Marketing activities tends to be reduced and will be used more as a means or tool to implement the new know-how internally with the teams themselves.


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Unstoppable increase in spending on Digital Marketing

Digital marketing budgets continue to grow to the detriment of traditional communication.


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CMO (Chief Marketing Officers) in action

The Marketing Managers (CMO) have historically had a greater volatility and rotation compared to the rest of the Directors in the companies. His role on the board of directors has been undervalued with respect to finance, operations and technology. In these uncertain times their vision and participation is essential.


Make sure that within your organization Marketing evolves in line with your priorities.
Manage the present well to prepare for a bright future !



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