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L´OCCITANE and NYX lead Health & Beauty OmniChannel sector. Spain

Traditional selective and mass market channels convergeTop Health Beauty MHE

Marketing MHE OmniChannel
Main Findings
NIX Omnichannel MHE

Health & Beauty is just behind the Leisure / Technology sector in terms of developing OmniChannel initiatives and ahead of the Fashion sector.

Ecommerce is relatively recent in the sector and already reaches reasonable levels as% of total sales value (eg L’OCCITANE 11%, ULTA 7%).

L’OCCITANE and NYX stand out as the most complete omnichannel operators.

The ” Young / Makeup ” (NYX, Kiko) chain segment lead the omnichannel innovation. Especially in the areas of marketing with video tutorials, content generated by users and influencers and with the use of social networks such as youtube and Instagram.

Three out of four chains already offer marketing with contents of self-help and advice.

More than 80% of the chains provide user reviews and comments (UGC).

Although ¾ of the chains offer their own apps, they do not get very positive ratings from their users (Kiko being the exception). The bet to improve the experience of the mobile through the WEB is strengthened between the operators and ahead the own apps.

2/3 of the chains facilitate the online possibility of personalizing the purchase as a gift.Loyalty programme MHE


Despite the high frequency of purchase, only 1/3 of the channels allow the integrated use of their loyalty programs through the mobile.Content marketing MHE

Only 1/3 of the chains facilitate visibility of stock availability in real time at individual store level.

Only 10% of the operators have the “Click & Collect” service (substantially inferior to other sectors like Fashion).

The “Natural” segment has found in OmniChannelan excellent allied support to communicate their Brand values in a more reachable and personalised way.

OmniChannel is helping “Fast Beauty” in a clear evolution towards the world of FASHION.

The  tradiitonal”selective” and “mass market” Health & Beauty channels converge through the OmniChannel, blurring the borderline among them.

Direct sales to consumer activity by large brands (DTC), are taking advantage of OmniChannel and it is making progress.NYX


Where your chain stands up now and where it should gear up to in OmniChannel? ¿Which are your main priorities to apply? ¿How MHE can help you?

Omnichannel Retail 365º

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OmniChannel Retail MHE  Index is also available in other sectors: Fashion, Home, Leisure/Technology,  and Food Super/Hypermarkets


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Worten, Fnac y Toys”R”us are the highlights in OmniChannel. Amazon keeps on dominating vs Retail chainsRanking Leisure TechnologyAmazon vs Retail Chains


  • Leisure and Technology is consolidated as the sector with the highest development in Omnichannel incentives. Being as well the sector where eCommerce gets the highest percentage over its total sales, therefore its digital transformation has been more completed.IMG_3832-compressor
  • Stand out, by sector; Worten in Technology, Fnac in Culture and ToyRus in toys.
  • At the time of comparing this business chains with Amazon (excluding the attributes related to the physical shops), it is possible to observe a strong leadership from the Global eCommerce Operator, specially in the Web area.
  • It is on the area of customer service where Leisure & Technology grows the most when compared to last year and in relation to other retail sectors as well. From a more specific view, it is possible to appreciate a higher number of initiatives at the time of providing differentiated alternatives when delivering the product, maintenance and installation services.
  • There are already a 40% of the companies that provide the online anticipated reservation of new product launches
  • The anticipation of customer experience through data compilation and client reviews communications, is one of the characteristics of this sector (60% compared to the 20% in Fashion)
    4 out of 5 business chains have already an own app although its use and reviews from the consumer isn´t very high.


Delivery menu Opportunities

  • In retail technology, by its nature of big ticket items and ease of comparison of the product (brand / model / specifications) between the different chains, is where OmniChannel Pricing Management becomes more complex and dynamic, in time, location and channel by the operators.IMG_5540-compressor
  • The integration of channels will continue to foster greater commercial dynamism with multiple events and short duration.
  • The virtual range extension is making possible the opening of smaller urban formats in surface but with higher commercial quality as location. Media Markt is a clear example of this new practice.
  • The “expert” consumer does his / her duties of information search / selection online prior to the physical visit in Store, providing in this way an excellent opportunity for the staff in store to focus on the sale of additional services (maintenance, guarantees extension and Insurance).
  • The physical store is reinforced with training activities supporting an environment of greater customer relationship not directly linked to the act of sale.
  • The direct sales to consumer activity by major brands / manufacturers in this technology sector is still very small and further development of OmniChannel in the coming years will facilitate their more active move into eCommerce.


 Where your chain stands up now and where it should gear up to in OmniChannel? ¿Which are your main priorities to apply? ¿How MHE can help you?

Omnichannel Retail 365º

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OmniChannel Retail MHE  Index is also available in other sectors: Fashion, Home, Health and Beauty,  and Food Super/Hypermarkets

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Home Decoration, DIY and Bed Specialists

The start of online sales in Ikea Spain represents a substantial milestone in the sector. It highlights the high percentage of online sales made from its own stores. Represents the best equipped Home Specialist at OmniChannel.

The home sector is the laggard of Retail, weighted by its greater complexity and high cost of logistics. It highlights its greater growth of initiatives in OmniChannel with respect to the previous year.

 Leroy Merlin and IKEA are leading, by far, the Omni initiatives in Mobile


Among the opportunities for improvement are:
– 2/3 of the chains do NOT offer stock availability per individual store in real time
– Only 1/3 offers Live Chat service for customer support
– 90% of the chains, still do not offer alternatives of virtual reality / simulation of their products in its Web
– Only 1 in 6 chains has QR codes available to link specific info about your products

Maison du Monde OmniChanel

Once the logistical obstacles have been overcome, the Home sector provides an excellent and auspicious horizon for the OmniChannel:
– Virtual extension of the range of assortment, surpassing the great needs of space in its stores
– Expansion into more centric and urban environments complementing your current peripheral locations with smaller formats
– Transformation of the customer service in store, transferring to the online environment an important part of the process of selection and personalization of the product
– The use of video tutorials facilitates the work of after sales and installation

ikea serrano Madrid

Bed Specialists Subsector

Bed specislist have achieved the highest relative growth in OmniChannel initiatives vs previous year

Over 85 different attributes have been analysed for each of the major retail chains of Home Decoration, DIY and Bed specialists in Spain.

Where your chain stands up now and where it should gear up to in OmniChannel? ¿Which are your main priorities to apply? ¿How MHE can help you?

Omnichannel Retail 365º

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OmniChannel Retail MHE  Index is also available in other sectors: Fashion, Health and Beauty, Leisure and Technology and Food Super/Hypermarkets


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Fashion chains Omnichannel Index MHESubstantial progress of OmniChannel initiatives in the Fashion Retail Sector

Latest results of the second edition of  Special FASHION OmniChannel Retail MHE Index (clothing, sportwear, footwear, accessories and lingery) confirm strong efforts made by the major operators in Spain.

Top Fashion Omnichannel Index MHE

Those brands/chains with a more innovative style clearly achieve a higher score on OmniChannel performance.
Style and Omnichannel Index MHE

Though, there are many outstanding opportunities to improve such as visibility of specific stock at store level.

Mobile omnichannel Index 2017






Clothing top Omnichannel MHETop sportwear Omnichannel Index 2017Top Footwear OmniChannel MHETop Accessories Omni MHETop Lingerie OMNI MHE

Window to a greater margin.

During the crisis, the chains have done their homework and their only plan was to survive. The consumer has seen the price of their products more frequent and is accustomed to a greater competitive and promotional pressure that makes the true price of things in time, format and channel.


Given the change in the economic cycle, the best performing operators continue to use basic mechanisms that support good pricing:

– Buy based on a detailed preliminary plan elaborated of PVPs by category of product

– Concentration on a reduced number of PVPs

– Very clear definition of input and output PVP by type of product

– Greater emphasis on PVP most repeated by category

– Objective and systematic monitoring of competitors as references without automatic mimicry

Evolcuion PVP Ropa Mujer

Pricing Rango PVP Vestidos

But this is not enough. The most advanced operators incorporate value management:

– Selective incorporation of intermediate PVP points with higher value products as a real window towards a larger margin

– Management of the perception of the price and not the “mere” reality

– Constant communication of added value with the price both in point of sale

– Greater emphasis on promotional actions of% discount on external brands

– Use of predictive analytics to estimate, in advance, the perception and acceptance by the customer of the product / promotion

Pricing Puntos de PVP

PVP mas repetido

Far from using linear markup in a semi-automatic manner to the assortment, pricing management requires not only a prior plan but also a greater contextualization by type of product, moment, format, location and channel.

PRICING? : We have a plan

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Where do you stand now and where do you gear up to?

Latest MHE OmniChannel Retail Index results show who are the leading retailers that are making the most of OmniChannel activities in their businesses across all major retails sectors in Spain.

Physical store is by far where most of OmniChannel activities converge and where retail chains are prioritising now their investments. As a result, the store has validated its core and critical role when trying to build up and provide a unique customer experience. 

Only a third of the retail chains are currently providing online stock availability at individual store level. This represents a major opportunitiy to improve. 


Tecnology and culture product related sector keeps on leading OmniChannel though distances are getting closer and closer with the other sectors. Home related goods outstands as the one that has relatively increased its OmniChannel operations the most.

The size of the Company is not a barrier anymore to apply OmniChannel processes. 

150 retail chains have been analysed in Spain across major sectors. 85 attributes have been assessed grouped in 5 areas Web, Mobile, Store, Marketing andCustomer Services.


¿Where your chain stands up now and where it should gear up to in OmniChannel? ¿Which are your main priorities to apply? ¿How MHE can help you?

Omnichannel Retail 365º

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