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Retail Promotional Activity: Customizing in time, each event, each moment, each channel

Retail promotional activity analysis between July and December in Spain. PromoMap, promotional activity management optimization tool. More than 11,800 communication actions in 20 fashion retail chains in Spain analysed.

Confluence between events and seasons

Seasonal concept is replaced by the individual strength of each of the retail calendar promotions.

Strong predominance of common external events vs thematic campaigns by brand and chain

Although seasonal events are common, the attributes of each brand are reflected not in the concept of each event but in the execution in the different channels of the retail calendar.


Mhe Promo Map 2018 - Retail Calendar by Brand

Highlights the growing importance of Black Friday compared to other promotional events

Specially, for the strong digital communication and its materialization in aggressive actions of % Discount.

An aspirational communication opportunity is detected at the beginning of the season

Not used at the same level of aspirational communication compared to the rest of events.

Mhe Promo Map 2018 - Content Mix by Event


Mhe works for Retail chains and brands optimizing their promotional activity


It is essential for the chains to find the balance between aspirational and price communications in each of the events


Mhe Promo Map 2018 - Content by Brand

Zara focused on aspirational content, specially strong at the beginning of the season, such as winter.
Primark with its aspirational communications adds value to the brand, 8 out of 10 messages are aspirational.

Mhe Promo Map 2018 - Retail Calendar. Events by chain- Zara

Inside Price communications, it outstands the usage of % Discount and unit selling price

Mhe Promo Map 2018 - Price Promotions Typology by ChannelHighlights the % Discount on half of the analysed price actions, being “50%” the most communicated discount and “70%” the maximum discount. Usage of unit selling price relatively upwards, highlighting its application in some players such as Primark, Decathlon and Alcampo. Low number of actions related to multipurchase, currently represents 10% of communications, highlighting its greater relevance in “back to school“ event.



Promotions with an omnichannel nature

Retail promotional activity is not channel exclusive, same promotions converge in different channels.

The store continues to have an essential role in price type communications…

… specially in the first third of the store and in communications in central fixtures, reserving the perimeter mostly for aspirational messages.

Mhe Promo Map 2018 - Content of Communications in Store

The e-Mail continues to have strength in chain’s communications

Represents 15% of the total number of communications with a similar breakdown between aspirational and price, with reatilers such as Mango where it doubles its weight amongst all the communications.

In Social Netwoks, 9 out of 10 communications have an aspirational content

Facebook has, relatively, a greater weight in price communications. There is a strong growth in the use of Instagram in communications. Primark makes the most profit from the Social Network (83% of communications are through this channel).

Mhe, retail consultancy, works with brands and chains in strategy and operations for omnichannel environment.

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Market Mapping is a commercial tool to improve assortment performance


  1. Price Architecture. RetailMarket-Mapping-Evolution
  2. Product Mix
  3. Assortment Range
  4. Color Architecture
  5. Visual Merchandising and Communication


  1. Objective Monitoring of Competition
  2. Validation of the Positioning and Internal Consistency
  3. Assortment Planning and Merchandise Management

Objective pricing and assortment benchmarking to check current positioning vs competitors


Available departments

  • WomanMarket-Mapping-Price Range
  • Man
  • Child (boys/girls 3-14 years)
  • Baby (0-3 years)
  • Footwear and handbags
  • Underwear and lingerie
  • Home textile






More tan 60 main commercial formats analyzed in Spain with 4 waves per year, it is monitored seasonally:

  • Spring / Autumn: March and May
  • Autumn / Winter: September and November



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Use the most appropriate channel for each moment and for each type of communication

Promotional activity analysis during Xmas period in Spain (between Thursday 14 to Friday 29 December 2017). More than 1,200 communication actions in 20 fashion retail chains in Spain.

Communication strategies that add value to the brand vs. communication strategies that look for sales

Primark, with a strategy of low prices, performs a greater number of aspirational communications (3 out of 4) through the different channels adding value to the brand, compared to the Hypermarkets and Kiabi environment where they place more emphasis on the communication of promotions.


Promo Map, promotional activity management optimization tool.

Mhe works for Retail chains and brands optimizing their promotional activity


Communications’ content is dynamic and change along the season, even along the same week

During Xmas period, only 25% of the communications had promotional content, while during Black Friday they boosted up to 60%. Even in the previous days to Xmas, promotional communication disappeared.Mhe-Promo-Map-Xmas-2018-Communications-Content-Xmas-vs-BFNavidadCarrefour miniaturaThe store remains as the main vehicle for promotional communication

Store concentrates the highest percentage of communications with promotional content (2 out of 3 in-store communications). Social Networks and Web are used by chains to generate brand image.


Half of promotional communications are unit selling price

“Discount” type of promotion is 30% of total communications on Xmas, compared to 80% on Black Friday.


Instagram is the favourite channel for brands to communicate with their customers

Most of the content of this channel is aspirational (85%), while on Facebook, that percentage drops to 63%.Mhe-Promo-Map-Xmas-2018-Communications-by-Social-Media

Navidad Springfield


Mhe, retail consultancy, works with brands and chains in strategy and operations for omnichannel environment.

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